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Shipping Your Vehicle from Dubai: Freight Link Offers Sea Shipping Services

Shipping Your Vehicle from Dubai: Freight Link Offers Sea Shipping Services

Sea Freight Companies in Dubai UAE


Are you looking to ship a vehicle from Dubai to some other destination but aren't sure where to start? You're not alone. Shipping a vehicle from Dubai can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have little knowledge about vehicle shipping in Dubai. This is where Freight Link's shipping services can help you out. Freight Link is a shipping company based in Dubai that specialises in the transportation of different types of cargo for countless companies and individuals all around the globe. From personal effects shipments, to full boat or auto transport, a shipping company works directly with major carriers like Lamborghini, UPS and FedEx and offers door-to-door and customs clearance service as well.

Sea Shipping your vehicle from Dubai

Sea shipping is the most economical way to ship a car from Dubai. The main advantage of sea freight is it does not cost too much and its disadvantage is that there is no control over the arrival time of the vehicle. Sea shipping is safer and secure because it travels in a closed container with no risk of theft or damage during transit.Chances that it may get damaged during the shipping process are high with a incompetent shipping agent but that can be minimised by hiring the best shipping and logistics companies in UAE like Freight Link.

Why Choose Freight Link Sea Vehicle Shipping Services

With a dedicated team, we will ship your vehicle from Dubai to your desired destination, whether it is in India or any other country in an economical and safe way. We offer door to door services which includes pick up from your residence and delivery to the port, customs clearance at port and delivery to your address in the destined location. We offer sea (LCL) as well as air freight services to all parts of the world including the UK, India, USA, North & West Africa and many more.

Freightlink Sea Freight Services

Ro-Ro containers

Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) containers are used to transport vehicles and other large and heavy cargoes. They are specially designed to be loaded on board Ro-Ro ships and unloaded by the ship's crane at the destination port. A vehicle can be placed in a Ro-Ro container as long as it is less than 6 metres in length and 2,5 metres in height and width. The weight of the cargo should not exceed 30 tons or 60 metric tonnes. The main advantage of Ro-Ro shipping is that it is relatively inexpensive compared with other methods of transporting vehicles overseas

Dedicated containers

When a vehicle is shipped, it is important that it be packaged properly. If the box that you use is not strong enough, you will most likely have your vehicle damaged during transport. This can lead to stress and frustration when trying to ship your car. Dedicated containers are one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from damage during shipping. These containers are designed for vehicles, so they will fit into them perfectly without any issues or concerns about size or shape.

Our dedicated containers are fully enclosed and secured with a seal that ensures no tampering can take place once the container leaves our warehouse. This ensures that your vehicle will arrive safely at its destination with no damage whatsoever. These containers are also made out of a heavy-duty material that is going to keep your car safe from any kind of substantial damage that could happen during transport. This includes things like rain, snow and even hail storms that might occur while your vehicle is in transit through the ocean waters. Dedicated containers can provide you with peace of mind when shipping your automobile and sea freight UAE come at an affordable price too.

Consolidated containers

The vehicle is shipped as part of a container load. This means that all the items are packed in one specific container and then shipped together. The advantage of this method is that you will have to pay only one rate for all your goods. In addition, it will be easier for you to track your shipment and make sure that everything is okay with it. However, this method takes more time than splitting up the load into different containers, which means that you will have to wait longer for your vehicle to arrive at its destination.

What to consider when shipping your vehicle overseas?

When you're shipping a car, there are many factors to consider. Here are some important things to know before you book the shipment:

  • ● Is the cost of transporting your vehicle worth it? Shipping is expensive and if your vehicle isn't worth much, it might not be worth paying for shipping.

  • ● Where will you be driving the car after it arrives in its new country? This is important because different rules apply for driving on different roads and some countries have restrictions on where you can drive.

  • ● How long will your vehicle be exposed to the elements while waiting at ports and airports? If there's a good chance that weather could damage your car, then consider paying extra for climate-controlled storage at both ends of the journey.


First, make sure that you understand the process of shipping your vehicle from Dubai and how it works. The main reason for this is to know what you should be aware of before hiring a freight company to transport your vehicle. Get a free quote on car shipping in Dubai from Freightlink here: www.freightlinkfze.com. We offer reliable and affordable shipping solutions for cars, trucks, boats, and more. Our many years of experience have put us in contact with carriers all around the world, and we will help find the best option for you. Contact us now for peace of mind shipping services.


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