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Factors That Impact the Cost of Shipping a Car

Factors that Impact the Cost of Car Shipping in Dubai

Car Shipping in Dubai


The cost of car, bike & boat shipping in UAE is commonly misunderstood and therefore difficult to predict. Some people believe that the price of shipping a car can be calculated on what you formally pay for the car, its weight (which isn't always accurate), distance, and how much insurance you want. However, there are countless other factors that can drive the cost of shipping a car up or down.

The shipping method.

The most common way to ship a car is via an open transport truck (the same kind of truck you see with new cars on them). This is usually the most affordable option, but it does not provide any protection against weather or other damage. If you want protection for your vehicle, you may want to consider enclosed transport. Enclosed transport is more expensive than open transport, but it offers complete protection against the elements and other potential hazards while in transit.

You can also choose between rail, air and water transportation methods. These are much less common, but they can be useful if you are shipping a car overseas or if you need to get your car somewhere very quickly. They tend to be much more expensive than open or enclosed ground transportation methods, though.


The distance between the two locations is one of the biggest factors that can affect the cost of shipping a car. The farther you have to go, the more it will cost to ship your car. The number of miles also affects your options for shipping. It may be possible to drive a short distance, but if you're going across the country, that isn't as feasible.

For example if you are shipping a car from Dubai to South Africa, for example, it will cost more than sending it from Dubai to California. The distances where shipping companies offer the best rates are 500 miles or less and 2,000 miles or more. If you are shipping a car between states that are within 500 miles of each other, you will pay less than if you were shipping it to another state that is within 1,000 miles. Similarly, if you are shipping your vehicle across the country — in other words, over 2,000 miles — you will pay less than if you were sending it within 1,500 miles.

Shipping costs are based on terminal-to-terminal service or door-to-door service, so you can opt for whichever works best for your situation. Some companies offer free pickup and delivery from certain locations, which may help lower your costs. Most companies charge by weight and mileage; however, some charge by cubic footage instead. Contact Freightlink to learn more about cost effective international cargo services in Dubai.

The value of your vehicle may impact the cost of shipping it.

The most popular types of vehicles that are shipped each year include: cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts and tractors as well as boats, RVs and other large recreational vehicles. Newer models are worth more than older ones. However, older models may be more difficult to ship. Because they are not built with modern safety features, it could be hard to find a company willing to ship them. In addition to value, low clearance cars tend to be more expensive to ship than those that have a high clearance.

The type of vehicle: The type of the vehicle (SUV, sedan, truck, etc.) will impact the cost of shipping it. This is due to the fact that different types of vehicles have different weights and measurements.

The weight and size of your car. If you have a larger, heavier vehicle, it will take more space and fuel for an auto transporter to deliver it. Some large vehicles like trucks and SUVs are often charged at a flat rate – between $800-1,200 – depending on the season and location.

Make and model: Make and model is another factor that impacts the cost of shipping your vehicle. Some vehicles are more expensive to ship than others because they’re harder to secure on a trailer for transport.

Open vs Enclosed carrier

When it comes to vehicle transportation, there are two different types of carriers you can use: open and enclosed. The difference boils down to the fact that open carriers are just that: open on all sides. They're basically large flatbeds with sides that come up about four feet in order to keep your vehicle from rolling off onto the road. Enclosed carriers are covered on all sides, protecting your car from the elements and from any flying debris that might hit it while en route. It's the difference between riding on a flatbed truck or in a closed trailer.

The main reason why enclosed carriers cost more is because they have higher overhead expenses. Enclosed carriers have a significantly higher expense ratio than open carriers as far as maintenance, fuel, insurance and drivers go.

Open carriers can haul up to 10 cars at once and offer space for other vehicles such as trucks or SUVs. Enclosed carriers usually only hold around four cars at a time, so it takes longer for them to fill up before hitting the road — which translates into higher prices for consumers who need something shipped on an enclosed carrier.

Season Seasonal trends for shipping cars

Demand for auto transport services increases in the summer months when people are taking vacations and moving for school or job changes. Demand for car shipping also spikes in the winter as snowbirds make their way to warmer climates, and during college breaks when students are traveling home from school. The demand for auto transport services peaks in June, July and August, which, in turn, drives up prices. If you can wait to ship your vehicle until after the peak season, you'll save money by booking your car transport during spring or fall instead.

Transport Type

The type of shipping you choose will greatly affect the price. There are two main ways to transport a car: open and enclosed transport. Enclosed transport is more expensive than open transport because it's the safer, more secure option. But if you're comfortable with an open carrier, it's worth considering saving some money.

Additional Fees

While the cost of shipping a car might seem straightforward, there are actually several small fees you have to factor in to get the precise amount. For example, there's a fuel surcharge that covers the energy costs for carriers to transport vehicles. If your vehicle is being shipped over long distances, there will likely be tolls and other expenses that need to be covered.

Shipping method

The cost of shipping a car can vary based on the type of transport service you choose. Main car shipping means :

  • - By rail
  • - By truck
  • - By ship

The cost of shipping by rail is typically lower than shipping by truck or ship, but the availability of this option is limited because of the number of auto-transport terminals across the country. You'll pay a higher price for automotive transport if you choose door-to-door service, but there's usually less risk to your car. Some reliable shipping and logistics companies in UAE offer open transport and enclosed transport. The latter protects your vehicle from weather damage and road debris during shipment.

Pickup and Drop Off Location

The most obvious factor is the distance between your pickup and drop off locations. The farther your car needs to travel, the more it will cost to ship. For instance, shipping from Los Angeles to New York City could cost around $1,000 while shipping from Los Angeles to San Francisco would only be around $400.

Destination also impacts cost because of demand. Some locations have more demand than others which means they have a better selection of carriers at better rates. Rural areas often do not have enough carriers to compete with each other so prices are higher there than major cities with lots of carriers.

Damage Protection & Insurance Coverage

Additional insurance coverage is always available to add to your auto transport contract. Although it’s a good idea to get insurance protection, it will come with an additional cost. Before you decide to purchase coverage, check with your auto insurance company to see if your policy already covers you during car transport services. Most companies do provide this coverage as part of their policy for no extra charge, but be sure before you pay for additional coverage.


Factors such as weight, distance, and time have a significant impact on the cost of shipping a vehicle. When these things change drastically, so does the cost of shipping the car. However, there are ways to reduce this cost. When you ship a car from Dubai to other countries, for example, you can reduce the cost of shipping by hiring Freightlink FZE cargo movers Dubai, UAE to handle the transportation of your car. Otherwise, however, you may be subject to large unexpected expenses like that from long-distance moving or storage fees, or associated with having your car repossessed if it is abandoned in transit.


1. Is there a standard rate for shipping a car?

There's no standard rate for shipping a car across the country; the final cost will depend on the distance between your current and new homes, the type of transport service you choose, any add-on services and the size of your vehicle.

2. How are car shipping rates determined?

In the past, shipping a car was something that only the affluent could afford. Nowadays, it's become a much more common practice as people have realized that shipping a car is often cheaper, safer and easier than driving it yourself.

The availability of online car shipping quotes has made it easier to determine the best way to ship your car. Shipping companies will generally request information about your vehicle (make, model, year) and your location in order to generate a quote.

It’s important to remember that the factors mentioned above are involved in determining shipping costs. For example, if you need to have your car shipped in a container rather than on an open-air carrier, the price will be higher.


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