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Need to Ship your Bike? Here are some Do's and Don'ts

Need to Ship your Bike? Here are some Do's and Don'ts

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Anybody can walk into a bike shop, buy a bike and pedal away, but not everyone is able to ship a bicycle by plane, train or automobile . In the stance when you want to ship your bike, you need to know how to take care of it properly. Whether you engage in car, bike & boat shipping in UAE for personal reasons or for business purposes, or ship your bike by plane, boat or truck, there are a few do's and don'ts that can make or break how well that bike survives the trip.

Choose a bike box or bag carefully

If you're shipping your bike, you'll want to choose a box or bag that's sturdy and well-built. If the box is flimsy or doesn't protect the bike properly, it's going to get damaged in transit.

Most bike shops sell cardboard boxes specifically designed for shipping bikes. These are usually less expensive than shipping containers (see below), but they're also less durable. If your bike needs to be shipped long distances, consider using a container instead of a cardboard box.

Shipping containers are typically made of plastic or metal and come equipped with straps, clamps and locks that allow you to secure your bike inside for safe transport. They're heavier — usually weighing about 25 pounds — but offer more protection than a cardboard box does. They're also considered an oversize good by many airlines and must be shipped as cargo rather than checked baggage. Freightlink sea freight UAE offers RORO shipments and container shipment for customers planning to ship their bikes from UAE to other parts of the world.

Make sure your wheels are properly secured

Wheels are the most vulnerable part of your bike, and if they're not properly secured, they can be damaged in transit.

The best way to make sure your wheels don't move around is by using a fork-mount bike rack. These are designed to keep your wheels locked in place during transport. If you don't have a fork-mount rack, make sure to secure the wheel with a strap or bungee cord.It's also a good idea to place some padding around the rim so it doesn't get scratched or dented during transit.

In terms of limited space, do consider taking your wheels off for extra protection and lower shipping costs. Wheels are very fragile and expensive, so if you have just one set of wheels, it may be worth the extra time to take them off and pack them separately. You can also ship your bike frame only for less money.

Remove all the loose components

Remove all pedals, seat post, saddle and handlebars. Remove any unsecured cables from the derailleurs and brakes. Make sure you put in some plastic ziplock bags to keep them dry during shipping. Wrap everything in bubble wrap or foam to prevent damage during shipping.

Wrap your frame with bubble wrap or foam to protect it from scratches and denting. You can use cardboard or styrofoam to protect the bike's wheels by wrapping them in plastic wrap or newspaper before putting them inside a cardboard box.

Protect the bike with bubble wrap and packing peanuts

When doing research you will find that land, sea and air freight companies in Dubai that offer bike shipping services ensure that the bike is protected. Safety comes from using bubble wrap and packing peanuts. The bubble wrap will protect the frame and handlebars while the packing peanuts will protect other parts of the bike such as the wheels.

Seal the boxes with tape to protect them from leaks

DON'T use duct tape to seal the box. It is not waterproof and does not hold up well under pressure or heavy loads. When shipping your bike by boat or plane, it’s important to protect it from leaks and damage. You can do this by sealing your boxes with packaging tape. But don’t use duct tape! It’s really not ideal for this purpose, as it will tear easily when you open the package and can cause damage to the bike.

Double check to make sure you haven't left any pedals on before you ship it

This is the most common mistake I've seen when people ship their bikes. If the pedals aren't strapped down, they can come loose and get lost in transit. That will leave you with a nice little surprise when you open up your box and see that one of your favourite parts is missing. Also make sure to wrap your handlebars as well, so nothing gets damaged during transit.

Do remove any accessories or fragile items on your bike

Many bikes have parts that can be removed, such as fenders, racks, lights and baskets. For instance when you are shipping a bike for the first time, it is always best to remove as many parts off of your bicycle as possible. This will help ensure that your bike arrives at its destination in one piece and unharmed.

Don't include a saddle bag or seat packs

You may be tempted to pack up your bike and ship it with your luggage, but this is not recommended. The reason is that airlines have limitations on how much weight you can have in your luggage compartment. The moment you exceed that limit, then you will be charged an additional fee. And when you are transporting multiple bikes, this can get very expensive very fast.

Bottom Line:

Bikes are art forms that deserve to be handled with care, and there's no better way to achieve this than by utilising the vehicle shipping in UAE services of a professional bike transport company.

Professional shipping and logistics companies in UAE know their way around the shipping process and will work with your schedule. The extra cost is worth it to get your bike there safely. For example when you are travelling, you need an agency to come to your house and make sure your bike is packed properly, stored and transported, and cleared at customs for effective shipping.


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