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Car/Bike/Boat & other Vehicle Shipping in Dubai UAE

Freight Link FZE are able to handle range of contacts / Projects & the recourses to get the job done.

Freight Link FZE offers:
  • Heavy Lift
  • Out of Gauge
  • Oversized Cargo
  • Vessel Chartering Services
  • Tally Services.
Vehicle Shipping in UAE

Car Shipping in Dubai

Freight Link is the first choice for shipping cars from Dubai to the world. Our team of experts is dedicated to making your shipping experience as stress-free and easy as possible. Car shipping from Dubai to Europe, America, Africa, Australia & Oceania.

If you are looking for a reliable car shipping company, then you have landed on the right page. We have been in business since 1986 and we offer a wide range of car transportation services including Round-the-clock Car Shipping Service , Cargo House Clearance , Pre-arranged Shipping , Unattended Loading and Unattended Delivery. All of our services are at a reasonable cost depending upon location and mode of transport.

Car Shipping

Car shipping process is a serious deal, and requires adequate planning and a reliable shipping service. Our car shipping in Dubai to other destinations modes:

Air Freight:

  • A fast and reliable way to ship a car.
  • Costly but convenient.
  • Air freight UAE is appropriate for high value vehicles and time-sensitive shipments.

Sea Freight:

  • Ro-Ro containers: the cheapest way to ship a car overseas, yet the most risky.
  • Dedicated containers: the most expensive way to ship a car overseas, yet the safest.
  • Consolidated containers: an affordable balance between cost and risk.

Land transport:

  • Car carriers (roll on/roll off): low price, but also low security level.
  • Dedicated land truck/recovery (container truck): high price, but very secure mode of land transport.

Shipping luxury car

Shipping a car is an expensive undertaking. It's important to get the most out of your money. If you've got a high-end car, you'll want to consider shipping it yourself and doing it as fast as possible. However, if your car is worth only a few thousand dollars, there are other ways to ship it safely and quickly from the UAE. You can also opt for our luxury car delivery service at competitive rates worldwide. Our professional company offers delivery service of all types of vehicles imported & exported from various countries including UAE and UK.

Bike Shipping In Dubai

Motorcycles are quite popular in the UAE and are used by people of all age groups and professions. Shipping a motorcycle from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirates is not much different than shipping a motorcycle from any other country. However, there are some common questions that people have about shipping their bikes.

Commonly shipped motorcycles: Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda are amongst the most popular bikes in the UAE. These bikes can be easily shipped from the UAE to any place around the world.

Door to door: When it comes to bike shipping in Dubai, we offer door to door services. We pick up your bike from your house and deliver the same to your doorstep at the final destination.

Modes of shipping bikes: Bikes can be shipped using air cargo as well as sea freight services. Air cargo is a faster option but it is more expensive than sea freight UAE. Similarly, RORO shipping is cheaper than exporting via container because no packing is required in case of RORO shipment. Land transport is cost effective and faster for shorter destinations.

Documents required to ship a motorbike from UAE: As per Dubai Customs regulations, you will need an Export Declaration Form (EDF) for bike shipping in Dubai or any other Emirates. It takes one working day to process this form from Dubai Customs.

Boat Shipping In Dubai

A Professional vehicle shipping company in Dubai that provides all types of boat shipping services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi ports to any major ports all over the world. Whether you need to ship a small boat or a large yacht, we've got you covered! Our services include:

  • Door to Door Services Available
  • Insurance Options Available
  • Customs Clearance & Documentation Support Worldwide
  • Survey & Loading Supervision
  • Sea freight UAE services
  • Land transport

Our team can handle any type of yacht or boat shipping in Dubai and provide the best cost-effective solutions for our customers. We work with all the major freight forwarders and ship owners in the region. With years of experience, we continuously offer a complete set of services to the clients.

Benefits of using our Boat Shipping Services:

Full Container Load shipping: Full Container Load shipping. This is the most cost-effective way to ship a boat internationally. It provides direct access to the ship's hold with no extra handling and loading costs. Also, you can be sure that your boat will be the only one in the container and will not get damaged by other cargo.

Less Than Container Load (LCL) Shipping: An economical option when your cargo cannot fill up a full container on its own. We facilitate a shared container, a service that is perfect for small-sized boats that do not take up much space in a container (for instance, jet skis).

Port to Port service: If you prefer to send your yacht or motorboat to a specific port without having it delivered at doorstep, we can arrange for this too. We will ship your yacht or motor boat from one port to another with ease.

Cost Effective Boat Shipping: For cost effective yacht or motor boat shipping in Dubai, we offer shared container space with other boats which reduces costs significantly.

Our different modes of boat shipping:

  • - Land transport (for short distances)
  • - Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) (by sea)
  • - Container shipping (by sea or air)

Why should you trust Freight Link FZE for your vehicle shipping needs?

Freight Link FZE is a licensed international air and sea freight UAE company that has been in operation for over 15 years. The company has been recognized as the most trusted and reliable shippers in Dubai, UAE, and beyond. We offer unmatched services to all clients who seek to ship their vehicles from any part of the world to Dubai. Whether you are shipping from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Africa, Europe or anywhere else in the world, you can be sure that we will deliver your vehicle on time and in good condition.

Our experience makes us stand out among other moving packing and house hold shipping companies in Dubai and the UAE at large. Over the years we have gained a reputation for reliability and professionalism which is evident in our services. When it comes to vehicle shipping in Dubai and beyond, we are known to have superior customer service systems that ensure all our clients receive excellent communication all through their journey with us. We understand how stressful it can be when shipping your car abroad which is why we offer you expert help from our experienced team that ensures you get all your questions answered at every stage of shipping.

Our Vehicle Shipping Services in Dubai Include:

  • 1. Collection of cars from customer's premises or at the dealer yard.
  • 2. Customs clearance.
  • 3. De-registration from local authorities and re-registration at destination country.
  • 4. Transporting cars by car carriers or by dedicated vehicles (for urgent shipments).
  • 5. Re-delivery to customer's premises or at the destination dealer yard.


We provides high quality products and services to customers in UAE

Freight link FZE is a global Ocean and Air freight forwarder, a multimodal Transportation and Logistics Services provider head quartered in Sharjah, UAE. Our line of services include specialization in vehicle movement by Air and Sea freight.

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