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Is A Freighter Aircraft Better Than A Passenger Plane For Your Air Cargo?

Is A Freighter Aircraft Better Than A Passenger Plane For Your Air Cargo?

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There is a lot of debate when it comes to the differences between passenger planes and freighter aircraft. Many times, people are trying to find the best way to transport a certain kind of cargo, whether it be computers or fresh fish. I think that many people, who want to start an air freight business, don't realize that all air freight isn't created equal. There are special things to consider when it comes to shipping cargo by plane.

Cargo planes are passenger planes that are modified to carry cargo

They have a much smaller cargo hold than the freighter aircraft and can only carry small types of cargo. Cargo planes are operated by passenger airlines like British Airways, Delta Air Lines and Air France. Holds are created in the main cabin to accommodate the goods and many of the seats are removed in order to maximize the load. They often have large doors, rollers and other features to make loading and unloading freight easier.

Typically, they maintain their passenger seating area and may even be able to carry passengers when they aren't needed to carry cargo. Cargo planes can be used for passenger or cargo flights at different times, meaning the plane is not idle when not being used for its primary purpose. Some cargo planes are equipped with a special cargo door system, while others are not.

Freighter aircraft are designed from the outset to carry cargo

Aircraft designed from the outset to carry cargo have much more in common with commercial freight trains and road freight vehicles than they do with passenger aircraft. They are large, heavy-duty vehicles that are built to carry weight. The fuselage is enclosed and pressurized like a passenger aircraft, but the main design considerations are strength, durability, capacity and fuel efficiency rather than comfort and amenities for passengers.

Freighter aircraft are also fitted with large loading doors, which make them able to be loaded quickly using forklifts, which in turn improves their turnaround time on the ground.

A freighter plane usually has an onboard crane for moving heavy cargo, wider doors for forklifts and pallet trucks to enter, and ramps for wheeled equipment to drive in. This means that the aircraft can be loaded more quickly than a passenger plane hence most preferred for international cargo services in Dubai.

Freighter aircraft have more space for larger cargo

Experienced air freight companies in Dubai identify freighter aircraft and passenger planes to have a lot in common. Both consist of the same basic pieces, both fight the same forces when in flight, and both operate under the same international aviation laws and regulations. But there are notable differences between cargo planes and freighter aircraft.

Cargo Compartment

The most apparent difference between a freighter aircraft and a passenger plane is the cargo compartment. Passenger planes have more room for passengers than freight because they don't need to carry as much weight during transit. Freighter aircraft are designed with a large cargo hold, also known as the belly, that can carry more weight and accommodate larger cargo dimensions. Some passenger planes like the Boeing 767 and 777 can be converted into freighters to increase their capacity for cargo transport.

Cargo Loading System

Freighter aircraft have additional equipment that enables easy loading of cargo onto the plane without damage or delay. A passenger plane must be modified to add these systems and make them operable during loading and unloading of freight, which is an expensive undertaking for airlines. Freighter aircraft are equipped with hydromatic rear-end doors that can swing open to load pallets directly from airport ground service equipment via a pallet loader or container loader, which attaches directly to the airplane's cargo floor.

Cargo planes can accommodate lighter loads than freighter aircraft

A cargo plane is a small to medium-sized plane that has been retrofitted with a large cargo door, allowing it to carry freight or cargo. In general, though the term "cargo planes" tends to be used more often when referring to military aircraft, a freighter can also be a passenger plane or a fighter jet. They are generally smaller and less expensive than freighter aircraft making them suitable for shorter destination Dubai air cargo shipping practices.

Cargo planes may be better if you need to make deliveries on short notice

That’s because cargo planes are usually made up of several small compartments that can be loaded with different kinds of cargo. In contrast, freighter aircraft are usually made up of one large compartment, which makes it difficult to load the plane with different types of cargo at once.

Freighter aircraft may be better for longer flights

If you need to move air freight UAE cargo halfway across the world, then a freighter aircraft is likely better than a passenger plane. If you use a passenger plane, then you would have to make multiple stops to refuel along the way. A freighter aircraft has the space to hold extra fuel and may not require refueling during the trip. This will ensure the cargo arrives at its destination quicker and without issues.

Freighter aircraft can handle more weight

The weight of your air cargo from Dubai should always be considered when transporting it via airplane. For example, if you are moving furniture with your cargo then this tends to add more weight and bulk to the shipment. A freighter aircraft is designed to hold more weight than a normal passenger plane, which means that it can handle the heavier shipments more easily and efficiently.

Differences in Cost for Cargo Aircraft

A freighter aircraft is not only more expensive in the air charter in Dubai than a passenger plane or a combi aircraft, but it also costs more to maintain. This is not only because of the size of the aircraft but also because of the way it's built. Because there are no seats or cabin interiors, the floor of a freighter aircraft has to be reinforced and must have a high load-bearing capacity. The fuselage is lined with plywood for added strength, which adds to maintenance costs. They have special features that allow them to carry large quantities of goods or items.

The fact that these planes require more fuel also increases operating expenses. While this may seem like an obvious point, its impact on overall costs can be significant.


The speed of the cargo aircraft is measured in mach numbers, which is the ratio of an object's speed relative to the speed of sound. The passenger planes fly as slow as 0.8 Mach and as fast as 1.2 Mach. On the other hand, cargo planes fly at 0.5 Mach in order to enhance their fuel efficiency and extend their range.

This means that freighter planes can only fly certain routes and cannot reach certain destinations without stopping for refueling. This may not be an issue if you plan on using your cargo aircraft solely within your own country or region, but it could pose a problem if you need to transport goods internationally.

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As you can see, there are many complex factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate aircraft for your cargo. While the answer is not a simple one, it's important to consider all of these before making a final decision. Nevertheless, we can say with certainty that freighter aircraft are much more practical of an air charter in Dubai for long-distance flights, and that's why they make up roughly 95% of all cargo planes today.


1. How Long Do They Fly?

Cargo planes and freight aircraft are designed to carry heavy weight over long distances. Cargo planes fly long distances, sometimes exceeding 14 hours. Cargo planes can carry up to 150,000 pounds or more of cargo. Some of the largest cargo planes can carry up to 500,000 pounds. Freight aircraft are often designed to fly long distances with over 100,000 pounds of cargo. Unlike passenger airplanes, freight aircraft only need to be refueled every 12 hours or so.

2. What Is Their Cargo Capacity?

Cargo planes are capable of carrying very heavy loads, including cars, furniture and other large items. In addition to these large items, these planes can also carry smaller packages weighing less than 150 pounds each. These packages must be taken on and off the plane by hand in order to ensure that they are not damaged during loading and unloading. Freight aircraft have a much greater capacity for small packages than cargo planes do; they can easily hold more than 100 million packages at once.


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